Friends of the Force
Friends of the West Lampeter Township Police Department   


On December 12, 2013, the West Lampeter Township Police Department, the Friends of the Force, and the Pilot Club of Lancaster officially launched Project Lifesaver in our community. The West Lampeter Township Police Department became one of 1200 participating agencies in 47 states, Canada and Australia. 

This program allows law enforcement officers to quickly search, locate and rescue individuals who are at risk of wandering due to Alzheimer's disease, autism, Down syndrome, dementia or other brain trauma or developmental issues.

The Project Lifesaver Program places personalized radio transmitters (watch-like) on the individual who may wander away from the safety of their homes.  These transmitters assist caregivers and local emergency agencies in locating the individual.  Since Project Lifesaver's formation in 1999, there have been 3715 searches performed all with 100% success rate and no serious injuries or fatalities.  The average time to locate a wandering individual has been less than 30 minutes after the start of the search.

The Friends of the Force paid for the in-depth training of two of our officers on the use of this specialized electronic search and rescue equipment.  They were also been taught the essentials to the successful rescue of missing persons who wander or otherwise become lost.  These two officers are now certified to train other officers in the department on the use of the equipment.

Because of their training and the equipment received, the West Lampeter Township Police Department is now the hub for the southern part of Lancaster County for this project.  It would be contacted in the event of a missing person in this area and immediately able to start a search.



Project Lifesaver wristband transmitter and receiver antenna.

The wristband has a one-ounce battery operated transmitter with a 60+ day battery that emits an automatic tracking signal every second 24 hours a day.  This signal can be tracked on the ground or in the air over several miles by the receiver antenna used by the specially trained West Lampeter Township Police. 

This basic radio frequency technology has proven itself time again to be the most reliable, even more reliable than locator systems that rely solely on GPS.  Anything that can block sunlight can block GPS signals.

Batteries are replaced every 60 days and the transmitter wristbands tested by volunteers with The Pilot Club of Lancaster.